Well, we certainly like our gadgets. And we love technology. And after some inspiration from our son, we have “gone over to the dark side”. We got ourselves an iMac! And I must say I’m liking it a lot. We’ve decided to go electronic with our entertainment, so at the moment iTunes is our new best friend.

We’ve got quite a selection of DVDs, and while we’ve watched them all, there are quite a few that we probably wouldn’t watch again and they just take up space. So looking forward, we thought why not buy our movies and music online. The storage is certainly more compact, which is a huge bonus for me. Fits in well with minimising the clutter! Decision made!

And our music . . . same sort of deal. Lots of CDs taking up lots of space. So the iPod it is! And it’s great for us. Your whole music collection wherever you go. That said, the task at hand is to actually get our whole collection on to the computer/iPod.

So this collection is a small part of what I’ll be dealing with in our effort to go digital. I must say, I’m quite enjoying hearing music I haven’t heard for a while. Ah, the memories . . .

What gadgets do you love in your world?