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Our family enjoyed a very simple and really fun Christmas day – I think our best one yet!

Our daughter putting the Angel on the tree.

We tried not to overindulge (too much) on the traditional Christmas fare.

We had the carols playing most of the day.

We played games on the Wii.

We played Uno.

We talked.

We laughed.

We were together.

Really, it doesn’t get much better than that for me.

This year, we baked our ham with the maple glaze from Donna Hay’s magazine (issue 48) and it was a huge hit. The vegies roasted beautifully with the glaze, too. The trifle was full of berries and other fruits and really tasty. There were sweets and gingerbread. And leftovers for dinner.

How is it that Christmas seems to come around quicker every year? And how is it that once it’s here it’s gone in the blink of an eye?

And with Christmas behind us, I’m looking forward to the new year. 2009 was filled with change, loss, and health worries. But good things too – new home, newly engaged daughter, new outlook.

I’m hoping for a 2010 that is SIMPLE.

Simple – as in having what we need and being joyous with that.

Simple – as in uncluttered thoughts and actions.


Wishing you and yours a safe and happy new year. May 2010 be good to you and those in your world!

It’s funny how you create traditions without even realising it.

When our kids were little we would let them take turns putting the angel on the top of the Christmas tree. One year (1997) we couldn’t remember whose turn it was. So we sorted that out and I decided to make a note so we wouldn’t have the same dilemma the following year. I tucked the note in with the angel and it worked really well.

I wasn’t really a documenter back then.

I wasn’t thinking about how in a few years time I’d want to scrapbook about the things we do and that the bit of paper I tucked in with the angel would become so important to me. So I just grabbed a bit of notepaper. It’s a scratchy old bit of probably not very archivally safe paper. But boy does it hold some history!

It is so much more than just a list now. The kids each wrote their names and the year it was their turn. It’s great looking back and seeing how their writing has changed. And remembering how they each in turn were happy to let the other one have their turn without argument.

This year both our children left home. But we still had to get together to decorate the tree (even though they both had trees of their own). This year they thought it should be our turn to put the angel on the tree. But it just wouldn’t be the same if one of them didn’t do it. So the list came out again this year. And the paper’s just about filled up.  So next year when we need a new bit of paper to continue our tradition, it will be archivally safe – for me and for them. Because this is one tradition I don’t want to lose.

What traditions have you created in your world?

I know I should be thinking about Christmas, but  I’ve been seduced by this pile of fabric goodness . . .

It was spur of the moment.

There was a sale – which always helps.

And it felt soooo good to my fingertips.

I have a bit of a plan – it involves hexagons and lots of hand piecing. I made a quilt a while back, which I love, but I always wanted to try it in another colourway. And these fabrics will be just perfect!

One of the fabrics really appealed to my ‘Simple’ philosophy . . .

How could I resist this fabric from the Authentic by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics?

What’s inspiring you in your world?

This is a pattern from Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched, called “It’s Christmas Time”, which I made quite a few years ago now.

My daughter inherited it when she moved out of home last year. I got it back from her to “fill it up” again for this Christmas. Each little pocket has a couple of sweets and a paper scroll with a joke on it – just a bit of fun leading up to Christmas. My son hasn’t fared quite as well. His advent calendar is a bit makeshift. (Sorry Zack – you know I love you – you’re still my favourite first-born child!) He moved out of home this year and I didn’t really give too much thought to advent calendars – for him or for us – until the other day. So next year I’ll have to make something for him (and myself, too).

How do you count down to Christmas in your world?

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