Following on from my renewed interest in the circles and looking for ways to minimise waste, I’ve started on a new project! When I trace and cut the circles for my ‘Circles’ quilt, I’m left with these little bits of fabric – not really big enough for too much, but too big to throw out.

I’ve been adding them to my scraps stash, but thought it was high time to do something constructive with them. So I’ve embarked on a Grandmother’s Flower Garden Project. I’m not sure how big (or small) this project will be, but for now it’s keeping my attention!

I am cutting hexagons with one inch edges, pieced over paper to end up with finished edges of ½”.

So far I’ve done 12 of these little beauties. Given that this project is using scraps from another project which is not yet finished, I guess this too will be a work in progress for a while.

I’m feeling good about using up the scraps.

I’m feeling good about stitching . . . something.

And I’m enjoying the process.

What new projects have you started in your world?