I have some (read ‘lots’ – in fact little piles everywhere) fabric which I have acquired simply because it fell into the  ‘just because I love it’ category. I find, though, that with fabric that falls into that category, I tend NOT to use it.

I look at it.

I feel it.

I love it.

But I don’t use it.

What am I doing? Saving it for best? Not any more! I am using it! And I am so glad that I did.

Santa brought me Rosalie Quinlan’s book ‘A Stitch In Time’, which is just lovely.

I decided to make the little fabric basket in the book (although I didn’t put the handle on mine). And I used some of my ‘just because I love it’ fabric.

I get a bit warm and fuzzy when I see the little basket sitting there (with my favourite Scissoroo scissors in it) and in a lovely fabric.  It was a pretty quick little project – and really a girl can’t have too many fabric bags, baskets, holders . . . can she?

What are you saving your ‘just because I love it’ fabrics for?