We have a birthday tradition in our family. When it’s your birthday photos of you adorn the fridge for a week. Years ago our fridge was always covered in stuff – school notes, shopping lists, photos – you name it and it was there. These days the fridge usually only gets ‘decorated’ for birthdays.

I just love taking a trip down memory lane when it comes time to get the photos out. There is a large envelope for each family member that houses their photos.

Any new ‘fridge-worthy’ photos taken during the year get added to the envelope. These days there’s not room for all the photos, so each year sees a new mix of memories on display. These photos are not the ones that are necessarily the most technically correct or visually beautiful, but they are the ones that hold special memories of moments in time captured forever.

Today is our baby’s birthday, so it’s her time to shine on the fridge. Happy Birthday Kelly!

What birthday traditions do you have in your world?