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Well this week has been pretty much taken up with life that does not involve needle and thread . . .

However, I have managed to get some inspiration to make some progress on my ‘Little Pretties’ quilt. This has been a work in progress for almost 2 years !!! I got a bit bored with it and found it very difficult to face – so many LITTLE pieces (and a bit tedious to put together, if I’m being honest).

There are quite a few piles of squares waiting to be stitched together. After putting in a bit of effort (motivated by the Friday Night Sew-In a couple of weeks back), I joined some squares and have the top about 2/3 complete. I also layed out the rest of the squares (now those sweet little piles in the photo above) ready to join the remainder of the top.

I can see an end in sight with this quilt now, so as soon as I have a bit of time (hopefully by early next week, all things going well) I’ll be back to stitching. . .

What projects have you had stashed away for a while in your world?

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