Laughter is an instant vacation.
-Milton Berle

We decided it was time to move off the Wii and into a REAL bowling alley!

So instead of our usual Monday night dinner and cards, we donned those lovely bowling shoes and took to the lanes . . . I think we should have handed out some awards . . .

Most consistent on the night . . .

Most amazing recovery from near disaster – ball into the gutter with such force that it bounced back out to make a spare!

Most sparkling style – and outfit/ball co-ordination – if you wear 2 colours, choose 2 balls – one in each colour to match your outfit!

Most willing to try moves on the lane as if you were playing the Wii – and surprisingly with some degree of success with the massive back spin!

A good night had by all (even if our scores didn’t quite live up to our Wii reputations.

What do you do for a fun night out with family in your world?