Our cat, Squeaker, seems to have inbuilt tracking for when a quilt is in progress. It doesn’t matter where she is, if a quilt-in-progress comes out, she comes from where ever she’s been . . .

Even when she was tiny, before she progressed to actual quilts, she made a bee-line for quilting magazines!

It has been said that it’s easy to tell which quilts are finished and which still have some work to be done – look for the one with the cat laying on it!

And I’ve tried giving her her own piece of quilty goodness, but no, she wants whatever I’m working on.

There have been times I’ve had to lock her OUT of the room because she’s driven me nuts when I’ve been trying to lay out a quilt or do some piecing, but when it’s all said and done, I don’t think I’d be without my ‘quilt cat’.

What creatures keep you company on your crafty endeavours?