When I  started becoming interested in antique-style quilts, one of the things that really captured my imagination was the stories behind the quilts. Not just the quilts themselves, but the women (and men and children) who made them. What were their lives like? How did they make such beautiful creations by lamp light? When did they find the time? Who were they made for? Was it a special occasion or absolute need?

All these questions got me thinking about how anyone would know the stories of my quilts when I am gone.

So I decided to make a quilt journal!

I got a couple of folders (fantastic red fabric covered ones) . . . and started documenting!

I’ve got the story of my quilting journey . . .

And I’ve got the details of each of the quilts that I’ve made . . .

I have the usual details – the quilt name, the pattern name, who made it, who quilted it. I also document the block sizes, the fabrics used and when the quilt was made. I have a photo of the quilt and often some fabric samples, too.

Then the story really begins . . . the story of what inspired me – maybe a special occasion . . .  maybe an irresistible fabric . . . maybe a weekend quilt retreat . . .

Whatever the story of the quilt, no matter how special or how plain, I’d like the people who use my quilts generations from now to know a little about the quilts . . . and a little about me!

In your world, do you document your creations?