I have a thing for stationery.

And fabric.

And hardware.

For me, if you lined up  a stationery story, a quilting store and a hardware store I’d be pretty much set. Well, you could probably add a confectionery store of some description, just for good measure.

So making this journal cover covers  (1) stationery (the actual notebook), (2) fabric (the actual cover) and well, lets say (3) the fabric I used is as sweet as candy (and I think the buttons are pretty sweet, too). If I had actually needed to go to the hardware store to get a specialty tool for this project, then my life would be complete! I didn’t need any special tool, but I think my life’s complete anyway . . .

This journal cover was made with fabrics from my stash (previously cut for a log cabin project which never eventuated!!). It was for a gift and I was going for a “pretty look”.

I like to use A5 visual art diaries, so that’s the size this was made for, but you could use any size book really.

2 strips of each fabric made up the cover . . .

and a very pretty pink floral made up the inside lining and pockets.

This was a very quick project to put together. I’ve made a few of them now, but usually with one piece of fabric and maybe a stitchery for embellishment. But I think I like the pieced look, and I do have a few (lot) more strips left just waiting to be used . . .

What sorts of things do you make for quick gifts in your world?