While sorting through some stuff I came across some treasures I had forgotten about . . .

The little covered box is one that I made about 25 years ago . . . I think it was probably the first “grown up” class I went to. We stitched the little design for the top and then covered an empty spice container in fabric. The top of the box has little rust spots (I think) all over it. Not too sure what to do about that.

And inside are a couple of little porcelain thimbles – one that my son brought back from his trip to the UK about 5 years ago and one that he bought at Floriade about 10 years ago.

Then there’s the little heart shaped box. It’s a paper mache box, painted antique gold with a little french knot heart embroidered at the top. I like doing french knots – once I did a box for my sister-in-law and the top of it was a garden scene all done in them.

The last little treasure is a pin cushion made by my Nan. It’s a cathedral window block, which I’ve never done myself, but would like to try one day. I’m not so sure about the lace around the edge, but it’s all part of the package . . . (definitely from the fabric covered picture frame and tissue box cover era!)

It’s a bit of thrill when you come across something you had forgotten you had tucked away.

What re-discovered treasures have you found in your world?