It’s been a very long and very busy week, but in amongst all of that I’ve managed to make some progress with the Charleston Rhapsody  hexagons . . .

It’s a funny thing how something as simple as a needle and thread and a bit of stitching can help quiet the mind and cut through the stress, isn’t it?

I’ve been cutting lots of these . . .

and with a bit of stitching I’ve made this pile of hexagons . . .

I got the pattern for the quilt in the mail this week and I’m really looking forward to making some progress. I did smile, though, when I was reading through the instructions and got to the part where it talks about making 842 hexagons.


Now, I know it’s a managable number, but 842 does make your heart skip a little beat momentarily.


I’m not counting how many I’ve made just yet. I think I’ll leave that till the pile gets a little bigger!