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After a bit of deliberation, I’ve decided to move my blog to a new address . . .

So if you visit from time to time

Or have my blog bookmarked

Or have my blog in your sidebar

Or just want to know where I’ve gone . . .


The new URL you need to use is


I look forward to staying in touch in my new location. Why don’t you check it out???

I’ve been listening to Mindy Gledhill on my iPod and loving it! I got her album “Anchor” and it’s great.

If you get a chance . . . and you want to hear music to make your ears happy . . . then check out the link to her video.


We have a couple of little nooks in our lounge room – one houses the TV and the other is home to the “doiley cupboard”. It’s a little cabinet that I inherited from my Nan . . . and it was filled with doileys!

Hanging above the doiley cupboard is a typesetter’s or printer’s tray. In its previous life it was filled with Helvetica Bold 24 typsetting sorts, but now it’s filled with the faces of the ones I love! It’s a bit of fun to see these little snippets of reminders of our family hanging on our wall. I was inspired to create this a couple of years ago after seeing a project by Ali Edwards. The whole process was enjoyable for me – starting with scouring antique shops to find a suitable tray, to sorting through and reminiscing about 10os of photos to the actual “cutting and pasting”.  There are still a few blank spots, but we’ve still got a whole lot of life left yet to fill it! I love that this is such a novel way to display not only photos, but other little pieces of memorabilia too.

And then there’s the wall! There’s been some discussion in our house this week of ideas for re-decorating and “the wall” was on the list. I should point out that this was an already existing feature of our house when we bought it – and it’s quite a polarising aspect of the room. Some people like (don’t really know about love) it and some people definitely don’t (the word hate may have been bandied about!). It’s a silver wallpaper, chosen many years ago by the daughter of the previous owner. I actually don’t mind it (it’s not particularly well hung, with joins overlapping etc) or at least the essence of it – it reflects light nicely and I don’t find it that offensive, but the ideas man is in no way enamoured by it! I suspect, in the end, that it will go, but for now it’s the backdrop to some of may favourite furniture/decorating pieces.

What corner of your home is making your heart sing today?

Suffolk Puffs

Chocolate quilt

Drunkards Path

Round table runner

Spiral of words

It would seem so!

What shape finds itself repeating in your world?

Check this out . . . it brought a smile to my face – you’ve just got to love the ‘Sound of Music’ . . .

It’s worth watching all the way through – check out the smiles on the faces in the crowd . . . don’t you just love the way that an expected moment can unite us in a moment of joy!

Have a great day!

Well, I love drinking tea.

And I love cups and saucers.

I’ve got a bit of a collection now.

Some I’ve acquired for myself.

Some I’ve inherited.

Some are gifts from my family.

And I think they are lovely!

A few years ago, for my birthday, we went to our favourite picnic spot and set up for High Tea. Some guests were shocked that I had brought along my tea cups for the occasion – there were more than a couple of “but they’re too good to bring out here” kind of comments. Well, I think that if they are too good for me and my loved ones to use, then what’s the point of them.

It was fun as each person chose their cup and saucer (some of the big boys preferred big mugs, and that was OK, too) to tell the story of how each cup came to be in my collection –

* the one that my great grandmother used to use every day *

* the one my mum won as a prize in a diving competition when she was a girl *

* the ones bought at a little tiny pottery tucked away on some acreage on one of our trips to the coast *

* the ones that came from my grandmother’s house, complete with paint splatter (she never drank tea in her life, and she repainted her kitchen every year) *

* the one given to me by my children for mother’s day . . . *

I love that my collection is a working one. No, I’m not leaving them tucked away in a cupboard (although they do reside in our lovely old kitchen cabinet) for safekeeping till I’m gone. They are used regularly – and for me, that’s how it should be!

What do you collect in your world?

Our craft group went out for our annual Christmas Dinner a while back, which also includes a decoration swap.  This time, though, one of the girls also brought along a surprise gift for each of us.  She had commissioned one of these gorgeous artworks – for each of us!

It’s a collage Babushka by Kate Mason of Something for Kate. You have just got to check out her out. Her work is fantastic!  The texture and colours are just perfect.

So thanks Lyn for the wonderful surprise and thanks Kate for the beautiful work.

Check out Cath’s blog. She (a) has some gorgeous Raggedy stitchery show and tell from Friday night’s  Sew-In and (b) is having a giveaway to celebrate her 200th post.

Well done Cath on 200 posts!

We have a birthday tradition in our family. When it’s your birthday photos of you adorn the fridge for a week. Years ago our fridge was always covered in stuff – school notes, shopping lists, photos – you name it and it was there. These days the fridge usually only gets ‘decorated’ for birthdays.

I just love taking a trip down memory lane when it comes time to get the photos out. There is a large envelope for each family member that houses their photos.

Any new ‘fridge-worthy’ photos taken during the year get added to the envelope. These days there’s not room for all the photos, so each year sees a new mix of memories on display. These photos are not the ones that are necessarily the most technically correct or visually beautiful, but they are the ones that hold special memories of moments in time captured forever.

Today is our baby’s birthday, so it’s her time to shine on the fridge. Happy Birthday Kelly!

What birthday traditions do you have in your world?

Our family enjoyed a very simple and really fun Christmas day – I think our best one yet!

Our daughter putting the Angel on the tree.

We tried not to overindulge (too much) on the traditional Christmas fare.

We had the carols playing most of the day.

We played games on the Wii.

We played Uno.

We talked.

We laughed.

We were together.

Really, it doesn’t get much better than that for me.

This year, we baked our ham with the maple glaze from Donna Hay’s magazine (issue 48) and it was a huge hit. The vegies roasted beautifully with the glaze, too. The trifle was full of berries and other fruits and really tasty. There were sweets and gingerbread. And leftovers for dinner.

How is it that Christmas seems to come around quicker every year? And how is it that once it’s here it’s gone in the blink of an eye?

And with Christmas behind us, I’m looking forward to the new year. 2009 was filled with change, loss, and health worries. But good things too – new home, newly engaged daughter, new outlook.

I’m hoping for a 2010 that is SIMPLE.

Simple – as in having what we need and being joyous with that.

Simple – as in uncluttered thoughts and actions.


Wishing you and yours a safe and happy new year. May 2010 be good to you and those in your world!

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