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As I’ve been all over the internet checking out so many fantastic quilts as part of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, I’m noticing things . . .

Grab yourself one of these . . .

and settle in for some fantastic viewing . . . (I’m not keen to grab photos off other peoples blogs, so just click on the links to see for yourself).

** Warning – viewing these blogs may inspire you to add new projects to your list of things to do! You may find yourself reaching for needle and thread as you read. Don’t say you weren’t warned! **

White backgounds are great – they seem to make for really fresh looking quilts.

Neutrals are everywhere too, and for good reason – they give a very elegant look to a quilt.

A few people seem to have a bit of circle thing going on, like I do.

Quilts with sentimental meaning are beautiful.

There are so, so many people just jumping in and taking on projects out of the comfort zones – and coming out the other end richer for it!

There are some fantastic quilt backs out there as quilters are endeavoring to use up there scraps and trim down their stashes.

Art quilts are beautiful.

Quilters all over the world put pieces of themselves into quilts for others – and it lifts the spirits of everyone . . . giver and receiver.

Oranges are definitely on my list of “I love these”. . .

Funky IS FUN!

There are quilts which you can’t help but admire – even when you know that you don’t have it in yourself to even think about attempting it.

There are all sorts of ways to include your family in your quilts!

You can be VERY creative with selveges.

Pinwheels always look great.

Hope you have as much fun checking out these blogs as I did!

I met Sylvia the other day (in real life !! ) and we were comparing notes on projects in the works. She’s ordered these fantastic scarf kits from Anni at Hatched and Patched. Aren’t they great? And with days suddenly turning quite cool here, it’s the right time of year to be using them. I just love the little danglies on the ends!

And we are both going to be working on Lynette Anderson’s Scandanavian Christmas quilt. I’m not committing to which Christmas, but hoping for this year!

What projects have you got in the works?

Have you read this poem? Click here to read Linda Ellis’ poem – “The Dash”.

Food for thought.

How will you spend your Dash?

Well, I did it! I finished the Cotswolds quilt top!

I put the last 2 borders on last night and I’m quite happy with it. It’s a biggie, too – 93” (238cm) square. I do like the flying geese and checkerboard borders, although there was A LOT of piecing, which I was glad to get through.

Soon this top will go off to Terina from Quilts With Attitude to be quilted. She does a fantastic job of not only the quilting, but with helping to select all things from thread colour to batting to design. I always know my quilts are in safe hands when I leave them with her.

I also had a bit of a clean up when the quilt top was done, putting away all the fabric leftovers into the stash. I have some plastic tubs which I use for ongoing projects and last night, by the time I’d finished sewing and tidying I had an empty one!!! What a great feeling!

I then gave my machine a quick service and finished up with a whole lot of enthusiasm to finish another unfinished project soon.

I’d like to say a huge thanks to Heidi and Bobbi for organising the Friday Night Sew In (and to Natima for mentioning it on her blog, which set all the wheels in motion for me). It was great to have a chunk of time set aside and actually use it productively. It’s easy to find excuses to fill the time with other things when your motivation is not what it could be, so committing to the Sew In (or Craft Lockdown, as my son referred to it) was really good for me. Thanks again ladies for your generosity in organising and co-ordinating this event. It’s been very much appreciated.

Well, I’ve been inspired to get back into the sewing room (or Suedio as my family calls it) and start – well – sewing!

I was perusing a blog called Buddy and Me and was inspired by the quilt Sue-Anne showed called Ryland Manor. It’s just lovely. (She’s stitching circles, too!) I then followed the link to Threadbear and that was the end of me. I’ve ordered a couple of patterns – Phebe and Tribute to Mrs Williams. Both of them are fairly time-consuming, I would imagine. But both of them are just beautiful.

While I am waiting for the patterns to arrive, I thought that I should probably get to work finishing some of my longer term UFOs. I often have several projects on the go at once, but I think I’ve currently got too many. They have been hanging about for a while and as a result, I feel I’ve lost my groove a bit lately. Not enough focus, perhaps!

So, this past weekend I’ve made some progress on a quilt I started about a year and half ago, which is a Patchwork on Stonleigh pattern called The Cotswolds. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to get through this, because it’s a quilt I really loved and wanted to do.

Maybe because at the time I started it there were quite a few crises going on around me which had me in a bit of a slump.

Maybe because I have been unsure about my fabric selection.

Anyway, I’ve made progress this weekend. I’ve added 2 borders and started work on the first of the remaining 2 borders. I’m happy with my progress and once I got into a bit of a rhythm I quite enjoyed myself. The next border is a checkboard one, so quite a bit of cutting there. Followed by a large pieces border, like the last one on there at the moment, but in the darker fabrics. If I can apply myself a bit, it really shouldn’t take that long to get this quilt top finished.

I’d really like to get some things finished and mentally clear out the cobwebs so that I can make a concerted (and guilt-free) start on the new projects (one at a time, of course).

What do you do to get out of a slump in your world?

Here’s the link I was looking for about the 10 Things Challenge . . . Simple. Organized. Life.

Earlier this year we had to pack up my father-in-law’s house as he was moving into a nursing home and it really hit me that we spend some much time gathering “stuff”, but what does it all really mean? How much value does it really add to our lives? A couple of months after that we had to pack up our own “stuff” when we moved house. Again I was hit by the amount of time and effort that goes into getting all the stuff, but how little attachment I really had to so much of it. After 2 garage sales, boxes of donations to charity and a skip full of rubbish, I’m feeling a little bit de-cluttered, but not quite enough. So . . . I’m on a mission to simplify my life. I’ve come across some good stuff on the web that has really prompted me to observe my home (and life) and take stock, so I wanted to share:

  • mnmlist: the essentials – a great little site to get you thinking (and hopefully acting), with links to other great thought provoking sites.
  • There’s another site, that I just can’t find at the moment, but basically the guy set himself a target to get rid of 10 things per week – to charity, to someone else, or to the bin if it was broken and un-fixable.  I’ve managed to get to 10 things fairly easily the last couple of weeks. So far, so good!

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