My Blog Has Moved!


After a bit of deliberation, I’ve decided to move my blog to a new address . . .

So if you visit from time to time

Or have my blog bookmarked

Or have my blog in your sidebar

Or just want to know where I’ve gone . . .

The new URL you need to use is

I look forward to staying in touch in my new location. Why don’t you check it out???



Well, I’m really loving my iPhone! I always subscribed to the “my mobile just needs to be able to make calls” theory . . . but now I know there’s more!

I use the iPhone 3GS for keeping my life organised – I’m synced to the calendar and email and contacts. I listen to my music in the car – love playlists to suit my mood! I capture life around me with the camera. I’ve recorded some priceless moments with the video. How did I live without this before???

There are sooo many goodies you can add to your phone (thanks to my kids, who point me in the right direction and share their wealth of knowledge), so here’s my handy list (which I will add to as I come across new and interesting goodies) of things which may be of use to you . . .

Handy Hints

Camera – when using the camera indoors and the picture looks dark, double tap the screen in the dark section and the preview will lighten up. Then take the photo.


Useful Apps and Links


Camera Bag – this is a fantastic little app to add frames and add moods to your photos. You can use it on your phone or your computer. Well worth a look.

Photoshop Express for iPhone – this free app is a cool tool to have on the go. It’s got a variety of functions and filters to make your quick snaps just a little more special.

This is a photo that I snapped with my iPhone of a Pink Lady Apple blossom. I liked the original . . .

But I really like this for a slightly artsier look . . .

It’s had the saturation bumped up a bit, a bit of soft focus and a soft edge border added. All done on the iPhone in a few swipes of the screen. You’ve got to love that!



Quick and Easy Quilt Block Tool – This application features rotary-cutting directions for over 500 options for making traditional quilt blocks, plus bonus reference tables every quilter needs.




Sudoku Lite – very handy for those times you get stuck in a waiting room somewhere without a book or a needle and thread.

Getting Organised


ShopShop – a handy little list making app. You can save a master list and also have little “mini lists” going and cross them off as you go.

I hope this useful to you . . .