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I had big plans . . . lots of time . . . lots of sewing . . . lots of progress . . .

Things didn’t go quite according to plan . . . but that’s not always a bad thing.

We ended up chauffeuring our son around and sharing an unexpected dinner at our daughter’s place. We had fun and a reasonably early night.

But I did get some sewing done when we got home!

I’m embarking on a new project . . . it’s called Charleston Rhapsody by Carolyn Konig. I don’t actually have the pattern yet (it’s in the mail), but I was able to make a start on the many, many hexagons needed for this quilt . . .

And I’m going to be working with this glorious pile of fabrics.

Thanks go again to Heidi and Bobbi for organising another Friday Night Sew-In. Thanks girls, for sharing your enthusiasm and motivation . . .

I’ve signed up for the next Friday Night Sew-In hosted by Heidi and Bobbi . . . it’s on Friday March 19th!

Who wants to join in the stitching sisterhood?

Well, I really enjoyed the stitchery I started on Friday night . . . and just kept right on stitching over the weekend!

And the first block is finished. I always like the look of the Saw Tooth Star . . . and it goes together pretty quickly, too.

My plan is to use fabrics from my fabric club stash  . . . and the wonderful variegated embroidery threads that I have have been the inspiration for the colours . . .

I’m looking forward to next month’s design from Bronywn Hayes . . . and who knows – maybe it will time nicely for next month’s Sew-In. Stayed tuned . . .

Well I had plans for what I was going to work on last night for the Sew-In . . . and at the last minute I changed my mind!

No, I didn’t (potentially) finish the Little Pretties quilt that’s been hanging around for a while.

No, I didn’t make any headway with the folded circles quilt that I dragged out of the box and worked on during the week.

Instead, I decided to start ANOTHER project!

While not quite in keeping with my plans to finish what I’ve currently got on the go, I did use what I had on hand. That counts for something, right?

I started on the Bronywn Hayes stitchery I mentioned  here. I’m going to make a runner to go on the end of the bed, where the cat seems to spend her days. I’ve decided to use fabrics in my stash from the fabric club at Patchwork on Stonleigh to make Saw Tooth Star blocks, with the stitchery as the centre.

So . . . I gathered these (I just love the names of these delicious threads – I mean, who can go past Raspberry Parfait?)

and this

to make this

And then I got to work!

We didn’t really feel like watching anything and, as it turned out we didn’t really feel like listening to anything, so I stitched and my (passive) craft buddy for the evening (who throws in the odd stitching reference for good measure – “is that blanket stitch you’re doing there Sue?”)  browsed the internet. We enjoyed a very pleasant evening in companionable quiet . . .

The fruits of my evening’s labour were not quite as bountiful as I might have hoped, but I made a good start . . . and I enjoyed the meditative time that seems to come with stitching.

Funnily enough, the cat that who usually comes out to play on any quilt in progress made her presence known, not by playing with the fabric (since it was such a small piece and I did happen to be holding it the whole time), but by meowing at the door with frustrating regularity to go out . .  then come in . . then go out . . then come in . . so in her own little way, she didn’t miss out on the fun!

Maybe next month I’ll be working on the next stitchery for this little project . . .

Hope you had a pleasant evening stitching in your world.

Well, I’ve signed up for the next Friday Night Sew-In on the 19th of February over at Handmade by Heidi.

I found the last one to be just the bit of motivation I needed to get stuck in and spend a concentrated amount of time stitching! Anyone else want to join in the fun? Visit Heidi, add your name to the list (last time there were about 150 of us) and get set for a good night in!

It’s been a very busy week in our house with major re-shuffling of work and home stuff, so my little Suedio now has a few additions to be sorted through (I know, I thought I was done with boxes – these contain things that needed to come into the house once some storage was sorted out. But now they’ve been moved from the garage and into my space!!!)

So after all this re-location, I’m a bit weary and in need of one of these . . .

Hope the weekend brings joy to your world.

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