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I’m very fortunate to have a craft space all to myself. Last year we bought our own place and it had a studio out the back – which my family promptly named “The Sue-dio”. They do like to say that the reason we ended up with this house is because it had the studio and that I didn’t even look at the house! That’s not entirely true. I mean, I was pretty sure there was a house that came with the studio!

Seriously, though, I really love our house. It’s just perfect for us. And it has a studio.

So, this is where I get to create, make a mess, be by myself if I want, or invite company in. This is where all the “stuff” is stored (or is that stashed?).

I’ve got a fantastic workbench which Gary made specifically for me. It’s handcrafted from solid Blue Gum and Ash timber. I sew most of the time standing up, so it’s a perfect height for that and also for cutting and assembling without too much back ache.

He’s inlaid an inscription in latin which translates to “prepared in mind and resources”. Well, I’m certainly prepared in resources – sometimes the mind’s not quite so prepared!

I also have these beautiful cabinets (and a matching pair with shelving behind doors) made from Tasmanian Blackwood (did I mention that Gary is a cabinet maker who loves to craft with traditional methods, and sometimes antique tools). The cabinets house “the stash” and then some!

There’s also the thread drawers, also made from Blue Gum and Ash. These are filled with Aurafil appliqué threads (Christmas present from a couple of years ago).

I know, I am VERY lucky!

When I’m working (or playing) in the Sue-dio I like to plug the iPod in and sing along (not too sure what the neighbours think of that . . .) I love having music playing while I’m busy creating, although I’ve had to make a playlist that’s just instrumental for the times I need to really concentrate or calculate or write. There’s just too much distraction for me when I’m singing to do the other stuff well. But the songs come into their own once I’m into production mode!

Sometimes the Sue-dio seems a little isolated, particularly now that it’s just Gary and I at home. But I must say that I really enjoy being able to just switch off the lights and close the door on all the chaos mid way through a project and know that it won’t be bothering anyone but me, and it’s all ready to go when I’m ready to take up needle and thread again!

Where do you create in your world?

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